Full Pack IPTV

  • Basic features:

  • 3000+ Channels* (HD & SD)
  • 2500+ VOD (English & Greek. With Greek subtitles)
  • Unlimited Access (All-in-one membership – receive full access to Best TV channels and movie database at any type of device!)
  • Continuous Improvements (Permanently added new channels with no additional charges.)
  • Greek & European Live Channels
  • Resale/Affiliation Ability (With your own personal affiliate link to sharing wherever you want)
  • Additional features:

  • Up to 3 active subscription per account
  • 1 short link on the device or application that declared by activating the subscription This link may change when your subscription is renewed. There is also a cost to change display to MAG or Enigma device and vice versa.
  • 2 resets per month For members who travel frequently by country
  • Up to 3 IPs per 24h To enter the members’ panel. Then you must wait 24 hours for a new login.
  • 8%, 10%, 15% commissions on each sale to Partners (Affiliate) Read more
  • We accept
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Subscription fee for life
80/Price for limited time
  • It includes all the basic features of the full IPTV package with additional features:
  • One (1) Bronze subscription for one month with activation of Exclusive VIP
  • One (1) Bronze subscription every year (for FREE) With the condition that you bought six months (cumulative) subscriptions last year
  • Subscriptions at prices that only the Re-sellers can buying (forever): Bronze (18€), Silver (39€), Gold (69€), Platinum (100€), Adult6 (35€), Adult12 (50€)
  • Up to 7 different active subscriptions per account
  • Unlimited resets per month For members who travel frequently by country
  • Links (short & long) for all your devices Even if you have Mag or Enigma device, you can have links for VLC, Android, SmartTV etc. with no extra charge. Long link does not change, you can use it in case you have problems with the short link
  • No automatic locking of members’ panel A permanent entrance to the members’ panel from unlimited IPs per 24 hours
  • +3% extra commissions for each sale to Partners (Affiliate)
  • Early access to new features You will have the opportunity to try out new features before release to normal users
  • IMPORTANT: By purchasing the Exclusive VIP Membership will NOT have a subscription to view channels forever, but the right to purchase subscriptions at prices that only large retailers buying. Includes ONLY one monthly subscription (Bronze) plus all the benefits listed above.
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